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BeYou! Upgrade

BeYou! Upgrade
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Since April 2012 an enhanced parking brake cover has been used in the production of the BeYou! strollers that improves the function of the parking brake. Those enhanced covers can be easily recognized visually, as they feature a small, black screw as shown in the picture below.

The following models should be checked for this enhanced parking brake cover:

  • BeYou! 2012 model, manufactured between November 2011 and 1st of April 2012
  • BeYou! 2011 models that were repaired and between November 2011 and May 2012
  • BeYou! 2011 models with QC code: QC4711, QC4811, QC4911, QC5011, QC 5111 and QC5211

If you own one of these stroller models and the parking brake cover does not have the screw as indicated above, your stroller may be eligible for an upgrade of the parking brake cover.

We have received customer warranty claims indicating that the parking brake cover on certain 2011 and 2012 BeYou! model strollers may spin, as shown in the picture below. This can lead to issues with the function of the parking brake

The stroller passes all European norms and has been determined not to be a safety risk.  However, it is important for you to follow the instructions as outlined in the BeYou! Instruction Manual, to make sure that the brake has been locked properly and that the stroller is standing securely every time the brake is applied.

Please contact your local dealer or visit the teutonia website (xxxx) for more information. If your stroller is eligible for a product quality enhancement, your dealer will need to send us your stroller for repair or if he is a qualified teutonia service centre he will be able to do the repair on the spot.




Step 1 - Check the BeYou! model of Year 2011 and 2012
There is a simple 2 step check process to identify if a BeYou! stroller is affected:

BeYou! 12: QCXXXX


Step 2a - only BeYou! Models of 2012
Follow the decision tree per model year below to determine if an upgrade is recommended.

Step 2b - only BeYou! Models of 2011
The Quality Control ("QC") code contains 2 Characters and 4 digits and can be found on the QC label on the back bottom tube of the stroller.
BeYou! 2011 QC Codes eligible for a parking brake cover upgrade:

  • QC4711, QC4811… to QC5211
  • Any QC code with the last 2 digits “12”: QCXX12


What to do?
If your stroller is eligible for an upgrade, please contact your retailer directly. Your qualified retailer will handle the upgrade for you in cooperation with us.

Please note that we have increased our After Sales resources in order to handle all upgrades within approximately 2 weeks. You may also request a teutonia loaner stroller for the time your stroller is receiving the upgrade service. Please NOTE: the loaner stroller that will be provided to you may not be a BeYou! model stroller.

If the upgrade is done, how can I recognize it?
The enhanced cover of the BeYou! parking brake can be easily recognized visually, as they feature a small, black screw.

Are other models as well affected?
Only stroller of the BeYou! line that have been produced and repaired between November 2011und 1st of April 2012 can be affected.