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For questions relating to orders, prices, delivery times, repairs, spare parts or the guarantee process, please contact your teutonia retailer directly, who will be able to answer your questions  more quickly and reliable.

You can find answers to the most frequently asked general questions in our FAQs:

Is it advisable to buy a second-hand teutonia stroller or one from an online auction website?
We would advise against buying a second-hand stroller on the Internet or from a newspaper advertisement.Please note that only the teutonia stockist , who originally supplied the stroller is obliged to provide the 3 year "Go Carefree" guarantee services. This often causes problems since second-hand dealers will probably be unaware of these services or may not be located close to the buyer.

Can I order directly from teutonia online? 
No, all teutonia products are distributed exclusively through specialist retailers. There is no option to purchase directly from the company. This applies to all current products as well as accessories or spare parts.

How much do teutonia products cost in retail stores?
We provide our stockists with recommended retail prices, however, all retailers are free to set their own prices. We therefore cannot provide details of the exact prices to be found in stores.  Please contact our retailer for this information.

Where can I obtain information about delivery? 
Your teutonia specialist retailer can provide you with details of the delivery period for teutonia products.

Where can I find the dimensions and weights of the strollers?
A wide range of combinations is possible for each model in terms of carrycot version, fabric design, wheel type and accessories. For this reason, each product page shows some example dimensions and weights  for the relevant stroller model (without carrycot). Detailed technical information on our strollers can also be found in the section "Overviews" > "Technical data". However, please bear in mind that a table of dimensions or weights is no substitute for trying out and handling our strollers in a store.

How can I find the right model for me? 
teutonia offers a range of models to suit very diverse requirements, lifestyles and preferences. Our website provides comprehensive information for each model and the configurator allows you to compile different options. However, this is no substitute for personal advice in a specialist retail store. The only way to handle, and try out our models is to visit your local retailer. Unfortunately, we cannot provide advice over the telephone either - please contact your nearest official retailer if you have any questions.

Where can I get spare parts from? And who will repair my stroller?
In any case of complaints or repairs, please directly contact your qualified teutonia dealer.

Is there a guarantee for the teutonia products?
In addition to the statutory warranty, which may vary from country to country, we offer  - when buying a new teutonia stroller or accessories, our 3 year "Go Carefree" guarantee. The entire term of the guarantee starts in parallel to the implied statutory warranty from date of purchase with delivery of the product by a qualified teutonia dealer. The beginning of the term is documented by qualified dealers in the handover form (see instruction manual) or by the original purchase receipt.

Do I need a proof of purchase to obtain a guarantee claim? And do I have to consider any other things?
To obtain a guarantee claim a proof of purchase with original purchase date from the retailer is required, and - where available - the fully completed and signed handover form (see instruction manuals). The serial number of the product must not have been removed. teutonia does not grant any guarantee if the product is a second-hand purchase or has been acquired by an unauthorized retailer.

Is the teutonia guarantee valid worldwide?
Guarantee claims can only be made ​​to qualified teutonia retailers in the European Economic Area (EEA), Switzerland and Russia. If the product is delivered in a territory other than the territory of the EEA, Switzerland and Russia, the guarantee can not be claimed.

The brake of my teutonia model is no longer working as is usual. What can I do?
Parking brakes as well as hand brakes must be re-adjusted from time to time - like the brake of a bicycle. A user guide for this matter can be found either in the instruction manual or as video on our website (here). Usually this should resolve your problem. If this is not the case, we would kindly ask you to let your qualified retailer check your stroller. Normally the retailer can resolve the problem on the spot or has to decide if the stroller has  to be send in to us.