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Additional Commercial Guarantee for the purchase of new teutonia strollers and accessories
  1. In compliance with the applicable legislation, all consumers purchasing new teutonia strollers or accessories (hereinafter referred to as product) benefit from the applicable statutory warranty.

  2. In addition, the Newell Rubbermaid Group (hereinafter referred to as “teutonia”) has the pleasure to grant to such clients an additional 3 year "Go Carefree" commercial guarantee. teutonia warrants that the product purchased is free from defects in material and workmanship. These provisions apply to all products purchased within the European Economic Area (EEA), Switzerland and Russia.

  3. Details on the defects that are covered and not covered under the commercial guarantee can be viewed under the table in section 11.

  4. The total commercial guarantee term starts in the same time as the statutory warranty term: i.e., with delivery of the product by a dealer. The starting date is indicated by the dealer in the check form (see instruction manual) or in the absence of such check form, this will be the date indicated on the receipt. With delivery of the product, the consumer shall immediately check the product for defects and report these to the dealer without any delay.

  5. In order to benefit from the commercial guarantee, a proof of purchase with original purchase date and when available a fully completed and signed check form (see instruction manual) is required. teutonia does not grant any warranty if the product has been purchased as second‐hand product or from an unauthorized reseller/dealer.

  6. If a defect covered by this additional commercial guarantee (see section 11) occurs, teutonia will decide whether to repair the defect in the teutonia After Sales department, at an authorized Service Center, at a qualified dealer (remedying) or if the consumer will be provided with a new product (substitute); in any case repairs will be excluded if these will lead to unreasonable costs for teutonia or its qualified dealer. In case of remedying, teutonia will decide at its own discretion if the defective part will be repaired or replaced. teutonia reserves the right to stop the production of a model, a spare part, a color, a fabric or an accessory. In such a case teutonia will provide the consumer with a product, a spare part, a color or fabric of at least equivalent quality as replacement.

  7. In relation to the rights referred to in section 6, the following provisions apply:

    1. Claims made for products under this commercial guarantee can only be made to the teutonia dealers from which the product was purchased in the European Economic Area (EEA), Switzerland and Russia. If the product is shipped in a territory other than the territory of the EEA, Switzerland or Russia, the commercial guarantee may not be claimed (in such case the applicable warranty will be the local statutory warranty).
    2. Replaced items become property of teutonia and its local affiliates.
    3. For items that have been installed, painted or repaired in the course of remedying the guarantee conditions will continue to apply until the expiry of the original guarantee period. This also applies to a product that has been replaced. Remedying or replacement is not entitling to an extension of the guarantee period.
    4. If a product becomes unusable due to a defect covered by this commercial guarantee conditions (see section 11) the consumer needs to contact his/her teutonia dealer immediately. The dealer will then advise the consumer whether the product can be repaired in the store, need to go to his service workshop or if the product needs to be sent to teutonia for service.
    5. Further claims are excluded from this commercial guarantee. In particular, compensation such as providing loaner stroller for the duration of the repair or damage compensation claims.
    6. If teutonia has to provide a new product following a commercial guarantee claim, then teutonia has the right to demand the return of the defective product from the consumer. The return of the defective product and the delivery of a new product can only be made to the dealer from which the original purchase was made.
  8. If a repair - claimed in accordance with the above section 6 - fails, especially if the defect has not been rectified or further repair attempts are unreasonable for teutonia or its qualified dealer, then the consumer can only request the delivery of a product (same or of equivalent value) free of defects from teutonia. Section 7f applies accordingly.

  9. These commercial guarantee conditions do not apply, if the defect was caused by the fact that:
    • the product was subjected to abuse or excessive use not in compliance with the instruction manual (e.g. if the total allowed weight was not respected) or
    • the product was repaired and maintained improperly by the warrantee or a third party who
    • is not a qualified teutonia dealer or
    • product parts that are not authorized by the manufacturer/brand have been installed or the product has been altered in a manner that is not approved by teutonia or
    • no original teutonia accessories have been used or
    • the consumer has not followed the rules on usage, care and treatment of the product (see instruction manual).
  10. Normal wear and tear is excluded from the commercial guarantee. Likewise, defects (e.g. rust, scratches, corrosion) caused by external influences, external environmental factors (e.g. accident, hail, ice, snow, flooding, high humidity) or lack of maintenance and care. See also section 11.

  11. The following table provides detailed insights into defects that fall under the “Go Carefree” commercial guarantee respectively. The table is differentiated by hard goods (e.g. frame, wheels, parking brake, etc.) and soft goods or accessories (e.g. zipper, buttons, belt etc.). Section 9 and 10 shall apply accordingly

  12. The present commercial guarantee does not limit the legal rights, in particular warranty claims against the dealer of the product and possible claims under the applicable statutory warranty on product liability against the manufacturer.

    teutonia Hard Goods guarantee Coverage

    Item Complaint Cause/Comment 1 year 2 years 3 years
    Parking brake No function All other than adjustment yes yes yes
    No function Adjustment only yes yes yes
    Frame Scratches & Rust Wear & tear is not covered no no no
    Powder coat flaking off   yes yes yes
    No folding function   yes yes yes
    Noises / Squeaking   yes no no
    Handlebar grip Damaged   yes no no
    Spinning on handlebar   no no no
    Handbrake No or reduced function All other than adjustment & worn pads yes yes yes
    No or reduced function Adjustment only yes yes yes
    No or reduced function Worn pads yes yes yes
    Seat Brackets No function Worn pads yes yes yes
    Swivels (excl. wheels) No or reduced function   yes yes yes
    EVA wheels Worn tread Wear & tear no no no
    Wobbling   no no no
    Air wheels Worn tread Wear & tear no no no
    Punctures Wear & tear no no no
    Bumper bar Broken   yes yes yes
    Damaged foam Wear & tear no no no
    Incorrect assembly     no no no

    teutonia Soft Goods & Accessory guarantee Coverage

    Item Complaint Cause/Comment 1 year 2 years 3 years
    Zippers Broken or no function   yes no no
    Torn Seams     yes no no
    Snap Fasteners Broken, fallen off, or No Function  Broken parts yes no no
    Stains     no no no
    Colour fading UV Damage (Major Fading)   yes no no
    Washing   no no no
    Rips and Tears     yes no no
    Harness     yes yes yes
    Mould/pilling formation     no no no
    Accessories   See elements of soft‐goods yes no no

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