Teutonia TRIO

Teutonia Family

Ever since the start in Germany in 1947, Teutonia has been committed to supplying a first class experience to some of the most demanding users on this planet, the little ones. Our mission: to bring love, fun and positivity into the lives of young families. We are here to help them get the most out of this little thing called life.


The idea behind the Teutonia TRIO was simple: It had to offer maximal space & comfort for the little ones, while staying slim and easily folded for the parents. It had to navigate as easily in vibrant urban environments as in the most challenging northern terrain. The Teutonia TRIO is ready for these challenges, now it is time for you to start your journey.


Since 2018, Teutonia is once again a family business. Run by a young team supported by highly experienced Swedish pram manufacturers, with a vision to create the complete stroller for modern parents. Teutonia is located in the area around Vittsjö, Sweden, a small town known worldwide for its’ 100 years of experience in Child Mobility products.

Important information from the new owner of the brand Teutonia